CTCSOL 國際中文教師證書

The Certificate Examination for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (CTCSOL) is a standardized test sponsored by Center for Language Education and Cooperation, that is the prior and necessary condition for the selection and admission of Chinese teacher volunteers and government-appointed teachers. The test information can be found at The test registration date is subjected to the registration notice published on the website. Meanwhile, you can follow the official Wechat account of Hankao international “CTCSOL”to obtain the latest information at any time.

《國際中文教師證書》考試是由中外語言交流合作中心主辦的一項標準化考試,是中外語言交流合作中心中文教師志願者和公派教師選拔和錄取的優先與必要條件。證書考試資訊可在漢語考試服務網 進行瞭解,具體的考試報名日期以網站公佈考試報名通知為准,同時您可以關注漢考國際官方微信號“CTCSOL”,隨時獲取最新的相關資訊。

GAPSK is the sole authorised test centre for CTCSOL in Hong Kong,and Candidates from Macao and Taiwan can also be accepted.