YLPSK Online Mandarin Speech Challenges (國際組)

YLPSK Online Mandarin Speech Challenges is the event that provides cyber competition platform to international school students to learn Mandarin through competition; which is divided into a heat and final contest.

Heat: Submit a Video

10 to 20 Qualifiers of each group will be invited to final contest which will be broadcast live online on YLPSK LIVE in early December 2020.
初赛每组表现最好的10至20位参赛者将跻身决赛,决赛会于2020年12月上旬于网上(YLPSK LIVE)同步直播进行。

Deadline of Video submission: 6 October 2020
截止投交影片日期: 2020年10月6日(星期二)

Eligibility: Year 1 to Year 6 international school students

Group 组别:(Year 1: Kindergarten / Year 2-3: Grade 1-2/ Year 4-5: Grade 3-4/ Year 6: Grade 5)

Application fee (Heats): HKD$200/ participant
预赛参赛费: HKD$200/ 参赛者

Application fee (Final): HKD$380/ participant
決赛参赛费: HKD$380/ 参赛者

Categories: Optional recitation (The number of words to recite must be more than 25 words (including the title), and the total length cannot exceed 3 minutes.)
项目:自选诵材 (选材须以健康、进取之题材,其优劣将影响分数之评定,诵材字数必须多于25字(不包括题目),且总长度不可超过3分钟。)

How to apply 报名方法

1.Fill in the form before the deadline: https://forms.gle/gK4z41BWaSeX757r9

1.参赛者可于截止日期或之前填妥参赛表格: https://forms.gle/gK4z41BWaSeX757r9

2.WhatsApp Video, optional recitation material and bank in slip to +852 6152 6833 or email to info@ylpsk.org

2.透过WhatsApp递交影片,参赛诵材费用证明到+852 6152 6833 或电邮到info@ylpsk.org

Payment 付款

Application fee (Heats): HKD$200/participant
预赛参赛费: HKD$200/ 参赛者

Payment method
Hang Seng Bank 787-240571-001 Account Name: YLPSK Limited

Terms and Conditions 报名须知及条款

1. Each participant has only one opportunity to submit video, please submit the final version of the video. If you want to change the video, we would consider it as “Re-application” and you must pay the fee again.
1. 每位参赛者只有一次提交机会,请参赛者提交影片最终版本。如要更改影片,则按重新报名论,并须重新缴付报名费。

2. If your first submitted video is not fulfill our standard , YLPSK executive committee (YLPSK) will contact you re-film your video, If you cannot video fulfill our standard at second time, YLPSK will cancel your application without refund.
2. 如初次投交影片未达标准,GAPSK普通话朗诵比赛执行委会(下称本会)会个别通知参赛者重新制作视频。第二次如仍未达标准,本会会取消该项报名并不会退还报名费。

3. Video resolution must reach 1080p or above, 4:3 or 16:9 ratio shooting is acceptable, both horizontal and vertical are acceptable.
3. 影片规格要求:影片必须达1080p或以上解像度, 4:3或16:9比例拍摄均可接受,横向直向皆可。

4.Standard and requirement of the Video:

Time limitation: 3 minutes.
The video must show appearance, whole body and all movement of the participant.
The participant cannot wear mask ,also heavy makeup and prop usage are not allowed.
The content must not undergo editing, appearance adjustment, special effects processing.
Keep the camera fixed to avoid shaking or moving.
It is recommended to shoot in a place with sufficient light
Dubbing and adding background music are not allowed.

5. All photos and videos of YLPSK Online Mandarin Speech Challenges are the copyright of GAPSK & YLPSK. All rights are reserved.
5. 本会辖下所有活动一切纪录、相片、录像、形式之版权及使用权均属本会所有,本会有权作内部、对外活动及推广之用途而不另行通知。

6. GAPSK & YLPSK trusts and respects the final judgments based on the Judge’s professionalism and experience. The Judge will reserve the final decision of the competition. The contestant shall not object to the final decision.
6. 本会信任并尊重评判根据其专业及经验而作出的最后判断,但评判会就朗诵比赛事宜保留最终决定权,参赛者不得异议。

7. Application fee is non-refundable.
7. 一切已缴交的比赛费用,概不获退还。

8. GAPSK & YLPSK reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion at any time and without prior notice.

9. The personal information provided on the Application Form and used by GAPSK & YLPSK is only for the events of GAPSK & YLPSK.
9. 本报名表格内有关的个人资料,仅供GAPSK及YLPSK(下称本会)有关职员作处理申请事宜之用。